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quangongzi Feb 17
Resulting in loose, new parts of the assembly, there is a geometric shape and with the size of the deviation, in the early stages of application, due to shock, vibration and other alternating load, as well as heat, deformation and other factors, coupled with wear and tear , Easy to make the original tight parts of the loose. Such as the loosening of the machine, the vibration and the heat of the machine, the sealing surface of the machine and the pipe joints, etc., will show the phenomenon of leakage; part of the casting, processing and other shortcomings, in the assembly and debugging difficult to invent, but due to Operation of the process of vibration, the impact of this shortcoming was exposed, expressed as leakage (infiltration) oil (water). Therefore, the run-in period prone to leakage phenomenon. Because of the structure of the machine, the performance is not enough (especially the new operator), easy to cause malfunction due to operational errors, and even cause mechanical accidents. road maintenance agreement fannie mae road asphalt crack filling material road maintenance equipment for sale highway construction equipment and their uses