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quangongzi Feb 17
Good low temperature fluidity of diesel low temperature fluidity, with the condensate point to say.Cit point is used in diesel engine cooling to the loss of liquidity when the temperature is one of the important indicators of diesel. Have a certain viscosity its purpose is To ensure that there is a good spray, burning completely under the premise of the fuel pump plunger even get good lubrication. Suitable evaporative diesel evaporation with distilled 50%, 90%, 95% of the fraction temperature, It reflects the diesel from the liquid into the gaseous performance of the lower the temperature, the better the evaporation, but the evaporation is so good, will spray into the combustion chamber of diesel evaporation rate is too fast, will cause the diesel burning speed too fast Cylinder pressure rise rate is too large and rough work, while the evaporation is too low, but also because of diesel evaporation difficult, difficult to mix with the air, not a good combustible mixture, resulting in incomplete combustion, coke increased, exhaust black Smoke and fuel consumption increase, and start difficult. ?Domestic light diesel oil selection method Domestic light diesel oil grades and specifications, according to the quality is divided into superior grade products, a grade and qualified three grades, according to the condensate is divided into 10, O, -10, -20, -35, -50 and other six grades. ?Light diesel oil superior grade, first grade and qualified products in the quality of the main difference is the sulfur content.To take into account the status of China's diesel engine oil, engineering machinery diesel engine should use sulfur content of 0.20 / 0 ~ 0.50 / 0 Of diesel oil. This is because the diesel sulfur content is too large, the combustion will produce sulfur trioxide, water generated strong corrosive sulfuric acid, will seriously corrode the cylinder.In order to ensure the normal work of the diesel engine, the temperature allowed The purpose of which is to improve the economic efficiency.To this end, usually choose diesel condensate point than the local minimum temperature of about 5 �� can be. For example, the ambient temperature of 4 ~ 7 �� or more, The purchase of O specifications of the diesel is to ensure the normal use of diesel engines.Also the truth, -10 light diesel oil for the minimum temperature of -5 �� above the use of the region. concrete driveway cost per square foot wholesale road expension joints sealing sealant concrete joint sealer machine leveling patio pavers