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quangongzi Feb 17
?Small roller running machine after the factory, the general provisions of about 60 hours of running-in period, which is a small road roller manufacturers based on the use of engineering machinery used in the early characteristics of the provisions of the skills. Small roller as a commonly used construction machinery is also a certain run-in period. But at present, some users because of the lack of engineering machinery using common sense or due to tight schedule. ?We will use the road in the construction of the road roller, according to the different needs of the types of rollers are also different, today we come to understand the hand-held roller is rolling skills. ?Whether it is uphill or downhill, the roller drive wheel should be in the back. When the uphill, the rear drive wheel can withstand the ramps and the machine itself to provide the driving force, while the front wheel on the road for the initial compaction to bear the drive wheel produced by the greater shear force; downhill, the road The impact force generated by the weight is to rely on the brake wheel to offset the brake, only after the front wheel rolling mixture after the support of the wheel to produce the ability to produce shear force. Small roller in the slope of the case is very steep downhill rolling, you should first use the light roller preload, and then use heavy-duty roller or vibratory roller compacting. The above is a small roller for you to sum up the running of small roller and small roller crushing skills, hoping to help you. screwfix breaker drill
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