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quangongzi Feb 16
How to lubricate a small roller is a tool that we often use in engineering construction. If a small roller is in trouble, it will not only cause inconvenience to our construction, but may also delay the duration. So we need to always lubricate to ensure the normal use of small rollers. As the new assembly of the parts with a small gap, and because of assembly and other reasons, ... In the hot season, the friction between the machine clutch and the brake is extremely difficult to heat, exacerbating the friction of the friction components, and even ablation. Some high temperature areas are often accompanied by moisture and rain, and wetness also reduces engine power. At a temperature of 30 �� C, the efficiency of the engine is zero when the humidity is zero (desert climate) is about 3% higher than the humidity of 60%; and when the percentage of humidity is 100% (tropical climate), the efficiency of the engine For 60% when down about 2%. In addition, the invasion of rain and wet weather can cause corrosion of metal parts. Water vapor into the oil, in the fuel tank and hydraulic tank are likely to produce condensate, the work of the roller have a negative impact. The key to overheating the engine is to strengthen the maintenance and maintenance of the cooling system. Always check and tension the fan's belt, timely cleaning the dust collector on the radiator to enhance the ventilation of the radiator. For water-cooled engines, the radiator and water jacket can also be rinsed with water from the normal circulation of the cooling system to remove scale and accumulate, thereby enhancing the heat dissipation effect. In the hot season, the roller should be replaced with thicker oil, gear oil, hydraulic oil and high drop point grease. At high temperatures, the engine starts when the power consumption is small, in order to prevent the high current charging caused by the battery temperature rise and further caused by the evaporation of the electrolyte, the regulator should be adjusted to reduce the charging current. And, should always check the liquid level of the liquid, timely filling distilled water. tarmac paint screwfix how do you repair cracks in concrete portable portable heat lance motorway variable message signs