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How secure is your electronic vote

"In general terms,bracelet knock off alhambra van cleef, the nation as a whole is moving toward more resilient, more recountable, evidence based voting systems and that's a good thing," said Pamela Smith, president of the Verified Voting Foundation. "We're better off than we were a couple of election cycles ago by a long shot and we're better off than we were in the last election, too."We're seeing improvement, but we're still seeing immense challenges."Since there have been elections, there has been tampering with votes. But in 2012, election security advocates are most worried about the bits and bytes of data stored on the electronic voting machines that millions of Americans will use to cast their ballot.Six states Delaware, Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland, New Jersey and South Carolina use those machines exclusively and they're used by a "heavy majority" of voters in another five including presidential battleground states Pennsylvania and Virginia. Some of these paperless machines are also used in the key states of Ohio, Florida and Colorado, where the presidential race is expected to be close.Hacking the vote: Internet systems remain insecurePaper trailsHere's the problem,vca fake bracelet, advocates say. When there's no physical ballot, it becomes next to impossible to determine whether there has been tampering, or some other kind of irregularity, in a close election."If the election is predicted to be a landslide,van cleef and arpels fake bracelet alhambra, and then it is, really the problems we're concerned about aren't that big a deal, because everyone knows the election went the way it was supposed to," said Avi Rubin, a professor of computer science at Johns Hopkins University who specializes in computer security.But in cases like 2000's razor thin Bush Gore race, "a lot of the Democratic supporters felt like the election was stolen from them. That's a situation you can end up with in a very, very close election, so it's even more important to have confidence in the election machinery."That appears to be the case again in 2012. Most national polls place President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney in a dead heat.In the wake of that election,van cleef knock off bracelet alhambra, federal and state money flowed to update voting systems. Election officials acted quickly too quickly, some experts say, to see potential problems.

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